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September 2006

Tachyon broadcasts now transmitting daily

The well received Lecanoscope cd/ep "Comparing Notes" is available for purchase via electronic download from a multitude of online music services including:

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Sony Connect

And of course if you prefer a more tangible medium, the physical cd with artwork is available from CD Baby.


Spring 2004

In celebration of the recent Throbbing Gristle reunion, Lecanoscope has released the CD single "Hinged".

hinged cover art

This CD3 is a special limited edition of 100 copies. Most copies were distributed at the exclusive TG show/recording session in London, May 16th 2004. There are a few remaining copies. For information on obtaining a copy, please contact Lecanoscope directly via the email address on the Contact page.

For more information regarding TG, Click Here.

May 22, 2003

"Danza De La Muerte" is now available.

Klanggalerie has released a double CD entitled "Danza De La Muerte". This various artists compilation is a celebration of ten years of the Syntactic and Klanggalerie labels and is described as "a who's who of the electronic and avant garde music scene". For this special release Lecanoscope has contributed an exclusive new track "Aurafold Gate". Other artists include Aube, Rapoon, Roedelius, Scanner, Vidna Obmana and many many more. For a full track listing and more information, Click Here.


"Danza De La Muerte" is a limited edition of 500 numbered copies and is currently available directly from Klanggalerie.



Lecanoscope "Comparing Notes" Reviews:


Phase 9: : EDITORS PICK ***** Comparing Notes ... a five-track EP of hypnotic, tribal ambient that fuses tablas, layers of pulsating electronics and distant vocal samples into a mesmerising, trance-inducing brew. There may only be five tracks, but they shift and evolve in spectacular fashion. DUAL UNITY, for example, builds from a bubbling rhythmic intro to a shimmering, blissed-out soundscape. At times, the music borders on the paranoia-inducing tension of isolationism or the industrial atmospherics of Forma Tadre or Download, but warm melody prevails throughout. A ghostly, stirring combination of early Delerium, Bill Laswell, Future Sound Of London, On-U Sound and Talvin Singh and well worth investigating. [Mike Bayross]

Broken Face: Although being around for nearly a decade this CD EP is my first contact with Californian Lecanoscope's ethereal take on psychedelic music. "Comparing Notes" feels like it's being transmitted from its own little world, caught somewhere between futurism and the ancient, on the border between the rural and the urban or perhaps the panoramic link between them all.  Timeless notes of electronics flow over meadows of softly pulsating rhythms, guitar loops, distant vocal samples and tablas and the result is a sound which is hard to describe in terms of genres but imagine a mix of minimal Krautrock, ambient, Indian music, dark electronica and ritual music and you're getting close.  A dark but somehow comforting listen that makes me curious to hear what they've been up to for the last decade as well as where they might be heading in the future. [Mats Gustafsson]

Chain D.L.K. : :...there is something more to this than just beautiful electronic-ethno-trance with tablas, distant vocal samples, trance-inducing repetitive patterns, dub grooves, layers of fluctuating synthetic pads and other stuff that might sporadically remind you of Bill Laswell, Asian Dub Foundation, Adrian Sherwood, Ustad Sultan Khan, Zakir Hussain, Psychic Warriors of Gaia, Karsh Kale, Talvin Singh, other indian music but also much more experimental, dark and electronic artists... [Marc Urselli-Schaerer] For full review Click Here

AmbiEntrance : Two dozen minutes of soft, panoramic soundcollagism with tastefully applied ethnopatterns... The wafting mists (are there processed voices lurking in there?) of Kuya Drill are perforated by light tribaltronic drumming... Low-flying drones swell around introspective Waterlilly (5:49) whose surface throbs with organic pulsations, then faint percussive cycles. Dormant energies seem to awaken as Dual Unity (3:50) churns to life... Nicely done and generally quite low key; would like to hear more! [David J Opdyke] For full review Click Here

Ampersand Etcetera : An ep of groovy ambient-trance music: the relaxed and smooth type championed by the likes of The Orb ... 'Kuya drill' sets out the mode - some spoken samples lead into broody didg, zwitt-tones and a pitter-patter beat that grows as the samples echo, becomes focussed with more activity (a female voice, balaika, rhythmic mutter and electric guitar) and it builds with a bass into a rolling groove to the fade... the 20 odd minutes seems to fly by - and could easily have kept me interested for longer. A positive achievement for any release: I await more from Lecanoscope. [Jeremy Keens] For full review Click Here